food lover's tour: flash in the pan

You have been drawn back to your favorite city, but are ready for a new twist. You have seen the historic and artistic focal points and it is time to open yourself up to the true backbone of the culture, FOOD. Or if it is your first time here, and you want to dive right into the tastiest part of the culture, then this tour is for you.

We begin at 9:30 at your hotel and eat and drink our way to gastronomic enlightenment. We start our journey learning the ins and outs of local coffee traditions followed by forays into hidden gastronomic treasures. There may be a stop for discovering culinary gadgets that can make or break an authentic local dish, a visit to an artisanal sweet shop, a traipse through the fresh market, giving us a glimpse into the fundamentals of native cooking, and then we end our journey with lunch in a local eatery. 

Our tour guides are carefully selected, and know the markets thoroughly. They will put you on the inside track to the right places to buy your precious gastronomic products to enjoy during your stay or to ship home in order to prolong your vacation after your flight has landed.

We like to keep our groups small, to maintain intimacy and maximum personal contact and attention; therefore we accept groups of 2-6 people only (although we are known to make exceptions). Kids are welcome and will receive a discount depending on age.

Please send us an email on: as soon as possible to secure a place on the date most convenient for you.

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